Aug 30, 2007


First off, Bridget and Trevor still don't have a date set as far as I know. I do know that Trevor is having Jeff (Best Man), his cousin Jeff, and Matt stand. Bridget is having her sisters Kim and Becky stand as well as Heather . I'm not sure which one is the Maid of Honor.

Next, I'm sure you have all heard that Jim and Ann's house as well as Glen and Colleen's house was ruined by the tornadoe last week. Apparantly the storm we got yesterday didn't help any. Jim and Ann's basement was flooded and I can imagine Glen and Colleens wasn't much better. I would absolutly love to help them out but Kayla said their still working with the insurance company so they haven't been able to do much yet. Their is a big clean up day on Saturday so hopefully everything comes through by then. I have a camping trip planned with Jeff's family so unfortunatly I can't make it.


riss said...

i am so bummed that i wont be able to help them, i really wish i could! but i will be on my way home at 8 am on saturday-to be with my family and finish up our wedding plans which is coming up so fast i cant wait-so unfortunately i wont be able to lend a hand.

Amanda Kay said...

Hello? Heidi?

Junkyard Jennifer said...

Helloooo??? I knoooOOOOoooww you're out there. I saw you at the wedding. You caaaAAn't hide anymore!

Even Jeff did a post albeit one sentence, the other day. We don't need much. Just a note once in awhile so we know you're still blogging. ;) You are still blogging. Right?

Junkyard Jennifer said...

Since you and Jeff aren't on here very often, I'm letting you know that I changed my blog to typepad: