Aug 13, 2007


This weekend was so much fun. Friday afternoon was "just like old times" hanging out with Annette and Chrissy like we would when we were twelve. After that it was about what I thought it would be knowing full well that I wasn't twelve anymore. I "met" my cousin Luke, I haven't seen him since I was about seven. According to the older kids he hasn't changed a bit. He started a kickball match on Saturday evening with some of the older kids. I wish I had taken my camera...we all started stretching before he got there.
I got to visit quite a bit with my cousin Kelli and her husband Brian which was really nice, considering how much older they are than me. I guess the older you get the closer in age you get. Know what I mean?
And of course I was able to see Jon and Sara, Matt and Emily and kids as well as Paul and Amanda which is always a treat! Paul was actually riding a scooter by the end of the weekend. All of those kids just seem like such "big kids" all of a sudden, especially Janie.
On Saturday we made Hobo Stew. It started with ham and each family added various vegetables or meat. It was very tasty, and very hot. The weather was also hot...and humid but we ate till we were stuffed nonetheless.
Later on, the kids played games, as well as some of the adults. We had relay races and pinata. Luke led (pretty much everything) the little kids (8 and under) in a game where they had to act like animals and find the same animal. He told them so spread out and they more or less ran to the woods, they were a little confused. We all thought it was pretty hilarious.
That night, the Aunts and Uncles all wrote down five facts about themselves and Luke read them out loud at the fire. We all had to guess who was who. That was neat because we learned a few interesting facts about them. Well Grandpa's was nothing new: Loves Grandma, loves grandkids, lives on lake, goes south in the winter, is lazy.
After that, awards were passed out: Biggest family unit present, family with the most cars present, family with the most pets present(there were a LOT of dogs), etc.
Jeff and I left Sunday afternoon so we just spent the day relaxing and trying out the tightrope that Uncle David had made. Gretch could go all the way across forwards and them started walking backwards. The little kids were pretty cute there too.
I heard there were 127 that made it. Only about five out of about 70 grandkids didn't make it. Pretty good numbers if you ask me!

Hopefully it will work later of tomorrow, so sorry to leave you hanging!