Aug 9, 2007

Life's little moments

Sometimes my job is so rewarding in the smallest ways. I was headed to the bank today after work and as I stopped at a light a heard the teeniest little "tap-tapping." Puzzled, I looked around and saw a tiny little hand in the window of the car next to me. It took me a moment to recognize the girl in my class but when I did I just couldn't help but grin. She gives me a big "Hi Ms Heidi!!!!" and proceeds to carry on a conversation at a red light. *sigh* you gotta love kids. :)
Jeff and I are Headed up to the reunion bright and early tomorrow. He took off school so now we're leaving at five to have some visiting time before heading off to bed. I'm pretty much pumped for it because I was about 12 last time we had a reunion. Maybe younger...I can't remember. Besides that, we get to see most of the nieces and nephews! We're pretty spoiled this year. We've seen all of them already this year and now we're seeing some again and then we get to see them all AGAIN at Brad and Riss's wedding!


Junkyard Jen said...

I hope you guys have fun! I'm so disappointed that we'll be missing out. Have a great weekend! :)