Aug 13, 2007


Ooops, (blush) I just figured out why it wasn't working. It in fact was working I just didn't realize it. Here they are:


Janie, this picture cracks me up

Lori, she is such a busy girl!

Paul with Kelli and Brian's dog

Will and Dan with their cheesy smiles

The Torola soup kitchen

Hobo stew...delicious :) during the relay, don't worry I have a suit on under there somewhere


Jeff and Luke playing tetherball

Sar with half of her kids


I guess someone did get us stretching

Grandpa and

Grandma, the two that made it all possible!


Junkyard Jen said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing a little part of the reunion. I was so sad that we had to miss it. I wish we could've been there to see everyone. wanna explain that relay?! You seem to be losing your drawers... LOL!!! :)