Sep 14, 2007

Wedding and Cards

You can all breath again, I'm still blogging! Tricked ya didn't I?
Well lets see if I can dig up some photos...

Brad and Larissa :) what should we do next?

These kids were positively entranced.

Kirsten squeaked in while we were finishing up dinner and kept talking to Brad and Riss.

The younger girls catching the bouquet. I tried to catch the bouquet with the "big girls," my fingertips brushed it, but alas, I did not catch it. I did hear, however, that Paul caught the garter. ;)

I realize that this is very much unrelated to the other photos but I wanted to show some cards that I made.
And now, I'm determined to finish the last Harry Potter book tonight so, I'm off!


Amanda Kay said...

Very cute cards!

And you also got some good pictures. I like the one of Brad & Riss looking up at whatever

molly said...

cute cards!

Sue said...

Love the cards!

Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love those cards - especially the striped "h"! I was going to say the same thing as Amanda, I like the picture of Brad and Riss pondering whether or not to open gifts at the church.

(For everyone else: They didn't end up opening them. They'll be doing it after they get back from their honeymoon.)

gretchen said...

i also like that picture of bradd and riss.. very cute ;).. looks like nikayda and kirsten -almost- caught that bouquet..

Anonymous said...

Cute cards!

emily :)

Sharyn said...

btw - love your cards!