Mar 12, 2012

A Springy Kind of Day

All day long Adrian "zooms" his cars on the couch.

He may also wear his pajamas all day long. You'll never know. Or maybe you will because it's becoming a common theme in my pictures.

We had some lovely weather this weekend and we actually made it out twice yesterday. TWICE! That's huge for me! Pathetic, I know. I fully plan to get out once the little babe arrives. Of course, since it was so warm and puddly (apparently that's not a word) Adrian wore his rain boots. They are from last year and I'm surprised they aren't pinching his toes yet. He loved splashing in all the puddles and slush. (We went out again in the evening with Jeff pushing Adrian in the stroller, all of this slush was completely melted.)

We walked for about a mile and I'm telling you, this little guy is my perfect walking partner right now. He was walking at the perfect pace for my current waddle. He probably could have done another couple of miles but my boot was rubbing a sore spot in my ankle so I was ready to go home. We stopped at the school so he could run around for a bit first.

I don't feel like I'm "so ready for winter to be over," just yet. It feels like we hardly had winter and it went by so fast, but these warm days do get me excited for warmer weather!


Jean said...

I don't want winter i love where the weather down here is heading it is so warm 60's baby! I love spring!!

Amanda Kay said...

What Jean said :)