Oct 8, 2011

hiking with 2-year-olds

I've been avoiding posting just so I wouldn't type out a big complaint about how lousy I've been feeling. Since it's basically unavoidable, I'll just get it out really quick...I've had a cold for over a week and when I was getting to the point of whentheheckwillthistupidcoldgoaway?! I got another one. The first one was coughing, sore throat, lots and lots of phlegm (your welcome) and this one is more in my head...no, not like I'm making it up, come over here and I'll show you. Kidding, but really, I have a runny nose and my head feels all cloudy and I'm positively exhausted. I have a pot of chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove right now and even though it doesn't sound that tasty at the moment, I can't wait to eat it. There's nothing like hot soup when you feel like crap.
I was obviously feeling quite a bit better on Wednesday--even though I had that other stupid cold at that time--when the twinners were here.
Kaitlin and Gretchen came down on Tuesday night and we made plans to go hiking. Or I made plans to go hiking. Now that I think about it, I don't even know if they were remotely interested.

We went to Sugarloaf which is the easiest hiking trail I know of. Kendall only had flip-flops so we all ended up wearing flip-flops.

It was a perfectly beautiful day and there are lookout points on the top but we didn't end up staying long since all of us were getting hungry for lunch.

This was my first time letting Adrian walk up on his own and he did great! Actually, both kids were pretty awesome.

Gotta love self-timer shots!

Kendall had some mud on her leg so she held her shorts up on the way down.

We finished up and then went to Border Grill for lunch. Yum! I'm so glad my sisters were able to make it down for a visit!


Heather said...

I love that picture of Kendall and Adrian. Too cute! And cute baby bump!!! ;]

Amanda Kay said...

I love how dramatic kids are. That mud was SOO close to hitting her shorts, I totally understand why she had to hold them up.
Glad they were able to visit you for a day...and, ahem, take my child!

Gretchen said...

Yes, we were interested in going hiking.. It was fun! :)

Sara said...

love the buddy system...'kendall only had flip-flops so we're all going to rough it here and wear flip-flops...haha.'

And yes that mud is def. going to get on her shorts if she doesn't hold them up...too cute!!

Looks like a fun day!

Sara said...

And Hope you feel better soon!!