Oct 28, 2011

He always has me laughing...

A minute ago he hopped on his bike and informed me, "I'm riding my bike all the way to the park, buh-bye Mama!"
And a few minutes ago when I ran to grab the phone, "Just a minute Mama!"
Now he's 'Goin' fishin' in the boat." (The Lego container.) "I catch-ed the fish!"
He's been calling me 'hon' or 'honey' lately as well. He always brings my attention to the things I say every day even when I don't realize I say them.

I restyled a shirt today! Go me! I'll post pictures once I take them.


Amanda Kay said...

I love how much you hear yourself in a 2-yr-old. Always cracks me up too!
Can't wait to see the shirt!! It's been a while!!