Mar 23, 2011

It looks like I took another little blogging break! We headed downstate for the weekend so I could make it to Jenna's bridal shower. Our showers are usually a surprise and bridal showers are planned by the bridesmaids. We got in on Thursday night but since Jenna didn't know the plan for Saturday morning, we had to sneak around a little bit. She called Dave on Friday and told him she would be coming over. Of course, he couldn't very well tell her not to without giving away the surprise so we ducked out to my family's house and spent the evening there. The shower was a success on Saturday morning but I have no pictures because I forgot my camera back at the house. Here is the happy couple (I swear, Dave can't take a normal picture...)

I was able to make it to Salvation Army while we were down! I always look forward to that and I scored a few deals with the 5 for $5 sale that was going on. One of the dresses I found *might* be for the wedding. I need to restyle it first to know if it will work for sure.
I finally made a plan to go out to coffee with some friends while I was in town. Soon after I arrived, Jeff texted to say Adrian was running a fever of 101.9 under his arm which, of course, means it's even higher . I knew he was warm when I left but I was hoping it was just from teething since he had been sporting some red circles on his cheeks that afternoon (a sure sign of teething for him). Well, that temp is too high to blame on teeth. We texted for a while as I debated whether or not I should stay. I finally left, picking up some tylenol on the way back 'just in case.' I've never had to give him anything like that before (we always used homeopathic pain relievers for his teeth) and I was hoping I wouldn't have to now. Since it wasn't high enough to be considered dangerous, I let his body do it's thing and by early morning his temp was back to normal. I don't think I've ever heard of a fever lasting such a short time so I don't know what that was all about. He's been fine ever since. I'm so disappointed that I had to miss catching up with the girls but it was definitely reassuring to be near my sick little guy! We'll be back down before I know it so I'll just have to try to get out again!


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