Mar 8, 2011

Hello World!

Adrian wore Uncle Dave's sunglasses for the entire (5 minute) car ride.

Wow! That was not a voluntary blogging break! We headed downstate last weekend and our computer wasn't turning on before that. I was hoping that, for some crazy reason, it was just forcing me to take a break. We returned home and guess what? It still wouldn't turn on. Duh, right? I finally made it to Best Buy yesterday and had the Geek Squad check it out. Luckily, it was only the power cord so we're up and running with a new one. Also, the cord I bought has several different attachments so I might be able to turn our old computer on! Woohoo! I need to get pictures from that one. I might hold off on that since we need to buy an external hard drive. Also, if I am able to turn that computer on I would like to see if I can order recovery disks for it so we can get it up and running again. It is soooo slow but it would still be nice to get it working since we have it anyways.  Of course, we need money for that and with Jeff's busted finger tip and a couple trips downstate coming up, that will be put on hold for a while.
Yeah...Jeff broke the tip of his pinky finger. He was playing his last (league) hockey game of the season and one of his friends slashed him, his pinky was smashed between their sticks. His skin split open so he has a few stitches and a splint on his finger. The doctor said he will eventually lose the finger nail. Check it out if you see him, he's pretty proud. This is his first broken bone ever and he played competitive hockey for 14 years!
Jeff's grandpa hasn't been doing very well lately. The other week we thought we were going to lose him which is the reason we took that trip. The crazy thing is, he looked better than I had seem him in a really long time! He is diabetic so all of the health struggles he's been going through are directly related to that. We've been thinking about him a lot lately.
Speaking of Grandpa, his house is getting emptied out right now (they are having another estate sale soon!) and Jeff and I had a chance to look through all the loot. I found a few things that I was pretty excited about, I'll take pictures soon.
Oh am I glad to have our computer working again! I find so much inspiration and motivation for projects online and when I haven't had access to all that, I haven't made a thing! I have stacks of things to do so I'll be sure to get sewing before Friday!


Amanda Kay said...

Kendall thinks that's her in the picture. I think the car seat is what's throwing her off.

Sara said...

Love the pic.! Glad you're back! :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

That picture is killin' me! He's so cute.

~ J