Mar 16, 2011

a few things

I have been having such a hard time remember to blog lately. Can you tell? Since this is the easiest way to tell you what's going on in our life, I'm making a list.

>We traveled to the Keweenaw on Sunday for Bentley's baptism. I'm so glad I was able to visit my sisters all day, I can't remember the last time we were up there!
>I made a skirt today. Actually, I just resized it to fit me, I will have pictures on Friday. I promise. No really, they will be here, hold me to it.
>Adrian woke up too early this afternoon, now he is craaanky.
>My deadline is fast approaching for the opening of my very own Etsy shop. I'm not panicking yet. But, I should be.
>We have been having the most wonderful weather. Well, almost. It has been clear and sunny and warmish. Like 40's warmish. That's nice for March in these parts! We have made it to the park nearly every day, it's awesome!
>I have been so busy this week so it just makes sense that it's my turn to work in the kitchen for bible class today. It's okay though, I already made some treats so I'm all set, no running around at 6:30!
>Jeff sort of dared me to make Mexican (for supper) until he tells me to stop. Check back in 37 years, we'll still be eating it.
>Tonight, we will have something with carnitas. Actually, I should probably get moving on that!