Dec 23, 2009

Toffee shmoffee

I am seriously struggling here! Remember how I said I was going to kick that procrastination habit? Well, I'm still working on that and I have a long way to go.

I had meant to finish up my baking on Monday and for some reason that never happened. I guess I did bake, I ended up making monster cookies for Jeff to bring to work. I finished the caramel pecan treasure cookies last night. Or this morning rather, I can't believe I was up that late. And today I'm still making toffee. This is the first time I even attempted to make it and I was planning on sending that in with Jeff as well. What was I thinking? The first batch was too well done, it tastes okay but not good enough to give to someone. I made another batch after talking to my mom for a few tips. She said to turn the heat down at the very end so it wouldn't burn and I turned it too low so now it's too soft. Not SOFT but not as brittle as it should be. *sigh* Guess I'll try again.

I should also be packing and cleaning our apartment before we head downstate but the computer was calling my name. Plus, I'm waiting to see if Adrian is going to fall asleep before I bother starting something. Which is a pretty lame excuse because he pretty much lets me do what I need to do and is perfectly content to play on the floor so long as I'm not out of his sight for too long.

And he's still babbling, guess I'll get him out and get moving!