Dec 18, 2009

Baking myself silly (or fat, or maybe both)

I'm planning on doing a baking day tomorrow, here is my list:

Cardamom rolls
Banana bread
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Butter toffee
Caramel corn
Caramel pecan treasures

I was planning on doing this today but I never made it to the grocery store so tomorrow we are going to do some last minute Christmas gift shopping and I'll do my grocery run as well. Jeff has the day off so I decided it would be easier to do a baking day when he is home! I'm still revising my grocery list so I'm not sure I'll be doing all of this but we'll see! I'll let you know what I make!

Oh yeah, I've never made toffee before so wish me luck! Any and all tips are welcome! I don't have a candy thermometer and I'm debating whether or not I really need one.