Dec 20, 2009

pictureless baking day results

I'm fighting to keep my eyes focused as I type this, it was a long day. In a good way.

As it turns out, Jeff did actually work today. He was trying to explain his schedule to me the other night but I wasn't getting it for some reason. When he takes time off from his regular workweek, he is required to go in on his scheduled days off to make up for it. This works out really well for us because he still gets a full paycheck. He does this stuff all the time so you'd think I would get it by now but there was something about his supervisor wanting him to work this day rather than that day to make up for our time downstate. In the end I just said, I don't get it, what days are you off? Apparently I forgot to listen. So here I am thinking we have all day to shop, I wasn't worried about lunch, I'd figure it out later. I was taking my time looking over my grocery list one more time and then Jeff informs me that he has to work today. Well, that threw off my day! I had been planning on buying a few gifts but I suppose that will have to wait until Tuesday which is the day he really has off.

I did some of my baking done. I made the dough for the oatmeal chocolate chips cookies in the morning and stuck it in the fridge so they would be ready to go when we returned home. I had wanted to have dough rising for bread or cardamom rolls while we were out but I wasn't sure how long we'd be gone. I didn't plan very well for how much I was making. I always knead my dough in my Kitchenaid mixer but the bowl was full of cookie dough so I couldn't do anything else while I was making cookies. Once those were done, I made the dough for bread and the cardamom rolls so they could raise while I made the other cookies. While the dough was rising I started on the caramel pecan treasures but I never finished them. I ended up using the last of the oil for banana bread so I didn't have enough for the chocolate that goes on the outside of the cookies. It got too late to make toffee and I completely forgot about making caramel corn until I was cleaning up. That worked out fine considering I still need to finish the cookies. I'll just do another (not too demanding) baking day on Monday!

I'd show you pictures but I didn't actually take any. You probably wouldn't see picture of the banana bread anyways because I kind of mutilated it trying to get it out of the pan. I do that sometimes.


Sara said...

I have troubles with Banana bread all the time (and getting it out of the pan in one piece.) But for some reason I just keep making it! :)

Got your Christmas card yesterday - it is SO CUTE!! Fun to have a family picture! :)

emily said...

Well, you get an A for effort.