Dec 9, 2009

As Promised

Here is that garland!

And a little closer:

I love this garland, it's so fun and it's so easy to make! It just takes a little time. And it takes me even longer. I don't have a circle punch. Don't worry, I don't cut them all with scissors! I do have a circle cutter but my blade is getting a little dull so I have to push really hard and I just about get blister on my fingers by the time I'm done! There are around 1,000 circles on this garland.

I can't take all the credit for the idea though. My sister Jennifer pointed me in the direction of another blog that had a garland like this. Thanks Jen! I love it!


Katie said...

Love my garland you gave us last year looks beautiful on the tree . Also Adrian finding his thumb is so cute .

jean;) said...

wow Heidi that is so cute i love that garland

Amanda Kay said...

Looks good!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

It turned out nice. I still want to make one! Is yours one long strand?? Or did you do several shorter ones?

Anyone interested, the garland credit goes to Tif of the Dottie Angel blog.

That was where I'd first seen circle garland.

And, apparently I am quite lazy when it comes to projects lately! You're the second sister to whip through a project idea that I told you about--before I ever even started on it! (Sar made a rag garland long before I started mine after I mentioned them on my blog.) It makes me realize how little I've been doing projects this year! At least, the inspiration is motivating someone to do them. :)

~ Jennifer

Beatle Sue said...

Jen, it's all one strand. Now that you say that, I'm kind of wishing I had done several short strands. It would have been a lot of easier to adjust my display that ended up slightly crooked! I could have put it elsewhere in my living room as well.

Sara said...

super cute, Heid! :)

Emily said...

And this is one more reason I wish I still had my circle punch... why o why did I get rid of it!?!