Nov 5, 2009

What Happy Memories

I almost forgot about these pictures until I saw them again on that other camera I'm using. As you may recall, our weddings were a mere three weeks apart. It was so fun to be planning a wedding at the same time as my big sister; we got to call each other up and ask the other clueless person how or what you were supposed to do for this and that. I never realized that no one really knows what they are doing until after they plan their wedding. Funny how that works.

BTW: Amanda Kay, if you're pictures turned out better than this could you email them to me sometime?! And one more thing, were you wearing heels? Because there is no way that you are this much taller than me!!


Amanda Kay said...

I don't think they even used my camera, it was mom & dad's, and they turned out really crappy too. Or maybe actually they did use mine too, but they are very blurry!

Maybe I need to look at these pictures to get me off my butt to do more crunches!!! I was pretty darn skinny back then!

Sara said...

Aaaww - Fun pictures of you girls!

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

love it.