Nov 24, 2009

It's Officially Official!

Adrian can roll over!

He's rolled over a few times now when he gets really mad. He gets his little butt way up in the air and sort of tips over. I just wasn't sure if he actually knew how to do it.

Then, today, I had him laying on his belly on the floor while I was baking and he looked like he was trying to roll over. I kept watching and sure enough, he rolled over! And he wasn't even mad! The best part is, when he finally rolled over he just started chewing on his hands like "oh look, now I'm on my back, what's the big deal?" All the while, I'm practically jumping up and down yelling "You big boy! You rolled over! I'm so proud of you! Oh, you're so big!" and clapping my hands.

And then I made him do it 17 more times.


Brett said...

How exciting for him! I remember when i learned to roll over!

Amanda Kay said...

Let's see, Kendall just turned 7 months and she has yet to roll over.

Sara said...

What a big boy!!! Way to go Adrian!! :)