Nov 25, 2009

A Picture from the ever fabulous Emily

The sweater and hat were made by my godmother, Laura. I'm so disappointed that the hat is too small already, I love it!

Jeff's family arrived safe and sound.
I promise pictures by the end of the weekend.
It's going to be 85 degrees tomorrow.
In my apartment that is.
I'm crossing my fingers that Jeff doesn't get called in to work tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!


molly said...

this makes me smile! he is so darn cute!!

Auntie Jeanie said...

that pic is so cute he has the cutest little smile!

gretch said...

love that little kid! Such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie. I bet Grandma, Grandpa, Katie, & Jenny are really enjoying him.

Sara said...

oh my goodness!! he is so darn cute!! :) Love that sweater & hat too - that was so thoughtful of Laura! :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

He has the sweetest smile! That picture is adorable. Wish we could see him! :)

Love the sweater and hat.

~ Jennifer