Nov 29, 2009

A weekend of Thanksgiving

I just loaded the weekend's pictures onto the computer and I seem to be missing a few.

...Due to the fact that I never took them. There's an idea for a new year's resolution (not that I really do those). I really do need to get pictures of everyone.

I do apologize for the red-eye in the picture of Adrian with Grandpa L. I tried to correct it but it ended up looking even worse.

I think the picture of Jenny and Adrian was taken by Jeffery. (Or maybe it was me, I can't remember.) Adrian was so funny laying there; he had been fighting sleep and he kept popping his eyes open and looking at everyone and smiling. Then his eyes would close. Then all of a sudden he'd pop 'em open and be grinning, looking around again. And then they'd close again...I could almost swear he was teasing us.

Those are the only two pictures I have of Jeff's family. Ridiculous, I know.

It was an interesting Thanksgiving. We all crammed into my little kitchen and somehow managed to find our plates among the dishes of food that pretty much covered the entire table. It was around 80 degrees most of the day, or most of the weekend really. We ended up throwing the windows wide open to get it back to a reasonable temperature. Ironically, our landlord had called a day or two before to say "I just wanted to remind you to keep your windows closed for the winter." (Our heat is included with rent so windows are supposed to be closed if it's below 55.) I told him that we keep our heat set at 65 and I don't remember the last time it clicked on and that it often reaches 80 in our apartment. I suspect the lady downstairs keeps her place pretty warm. Luckily, he's a pretty nice guy so he just said that it's fine if we "crack it open to get fresh air" but to make sure everything is closed up if we go out of town. The windows actually stayed open all Wednesday night and it never dropped below 75. And it was SNOWING outside!

The entire group (a whopping 6 people) played card games every night (Phase 10 and Skip-Bo). Of all the games we played, I won only one single time. It was fun anyway! Jeff and I used to play games fairly often but we haven't in a while, it was nice to get some use out of those cards again.

There was a Rangers hockey game on Saturday night. Adrian loved all the sights and was perfectly content even though it was so LOUD! He only got upset when he started to sweat...and Jeff was the one to figure it out. He is definitely his dad's boy. I had him all bundled up worrying that he'd be cold and he ended up being too hot!

This week's goal: to get Adrian to go to sleep on his own. These past two weeks have been a little crazy for him. We were up north twice and then had company so he's gotten used to falling asleep in my arms and going to sleep at all hours of the night. Hopefully it won't take too long to get him back to normal! And hopefully he'll really be sleeping through the night after this. He usually only wakes up twice to eat and goes right back to sleep but the past few nights he hasn't slept well at all...I'm crossing my fingers!


Amanda Kay said...

Good luck with the sleep schedule!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!