May 22, 2009

Order your cookbook now!!

I am now taking the official orders for the "408 Magnolia Lane" family cookbook. You can still order even if you didn't "pre-order." And you can order as many as you want! The cost will be $10.00 per book. It will be in a 3-ring binder type of cookbook (same company as the previous H. family cookbook). I'm really excited about that, I think the 3-ring binder will hold up much better than the plastic rings!

The deadline to order is June 6th. I also need your money by then. I will only submit your order if I have money from you on or before June 6th. Checks can be written out to my Mom, you can either email me for her address or I can collect since we will be going downstate that weekend anyway.

Order now! It's sure to have many tasty recipes!


Anonymous said...

come on heidi its been over a week and no belly shots. Please I would love to see that cute little belly of yours...Do you have a name picked out just yet? And do you know the sexof the baby?? I am so happy for you xox Take Care Heidi