May 14, 2009

And we're off again!

I think I've taken more trips this past year than I have in the last twenty years! And the most ironic part is that only one was on an airplane! I thought we'd be flying places every other weekend now that we have this deal with American Eagle. The reality is, when we take trips downstate, it's a lot easier to drive. It would take a lot longer to fly (there are no direct flights) and we would then have to rent a car.

I was realizing this today when we called up my sister's in Minnesota to say we will be going there next weekend.

Soo....we'll be gone yet another weekend. And here starts our summer! Beginning next weekend, we will be out of town every other weekend up until the closest we dare get to August 20!


gretch said...

you're going see the girls in minnesota?!?

Sara said...

Yeah Grech - come to U.P. and hop in with them!! haha

gretch said...

i wish!!

Megan Lorraine said...

So you get to go after all! Have fun!