May 30, 2009

Farm Country

I seem to have taken an unintentional break from blogging! I guess I've been a little busy, just not for as long as I've been gone!

Jeff and I were able to make it to Minnesota's farm country to visit my sisters Jen and Sara and their families. We were able to see this little guy for the first time:

And this little lady happened to have a birthday when we were there:

As usual, I was not very good about taking out my camera, I always kick myself for that. It's so fun to see the kids growing up, they change so much in the time that we don't see them! Nikayda and Will are going into second grade this fall (is that right?) It feels like just yesterday that I was tying up the phone line to tell all my friends that Nikayda was "expected" and my Mom hadn't even finished calling all of her family!

Pretty soon I'll be saying "it feels like just yesterday when [insert name] was born," talking about my own child!


gretch said...

what cuties! i wish we could see them

Anna said...

Glad to see I didn't scare you off of blogging when I introduced myself the other weekend:) Can be kind of weird to hear other people say they read your blog, can't it?