May 15, 2009

I just realized...

That I've been blogging for over two years now! How did that pass me by?

Actually, a lot seems to be passing me by lately with this major pregnancy brain going on.

I'm thinking about doing a mini baking day today. (Yes, I realized it is already past 4.) I keep thinking I should do that, one big mess, and one big clean-up.

I say "mini" because this is all I have planned so far:

Banana Bread
Potato Skins

Guess that's not much of a baking day is it?


Anonymous said...

Yummy banana bread is always the best!

Sara said...

What a baking day you have planned! - haha! Jennifer made some banana cupcakes and brought me one - they were awesome! Now I want more - guess I will have to bake some up too! Now if I can just get some over-ripe bananas (they get eaten too fast over here!) I think I will have a cleaning day today- do you want to come??!!