Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving and that you all had much to be thankful for!

Among other things, I am thankful that we have a friendly neighbor. We met him shortly after we moved in (so about an hour ago). I figured he was a pretty nice guy when he offered to give us coffee (apparently he bought it and it gave him heartburn or something). Anyhow, the other day I made peppermint cookies, my Mom's recipe from the family cookbook. If you've ever made them you know that you have to crush the peppermint candy or candy canes in this case. The only thing I had to use for this task was a metal hammer (I tried a can but it smashed the can more than the candy). It was SO loud! I mean, my ears were literally ringing and I did it for a LONG time. I had thought that the neighbor guy was at work so, I didn't worry about the noise. I wasn't even done when I heard him come to his doorway and starting POUNDING like crazy on the door or wall, I couldn't tell. Of course I felt like the biggest fool, realizing that he was home the entire time and probably ready to knock me out. I decided I'd give him a few cookies and a note apologizing considering he'd been so friendly before, I didn't want him to think we were our previous upstairs neighbors. (I swear they rode their horse around up there). He rang the doorbell later and insisted that we were not loud at all and that he was actually hitting his door with a mallet because it was crooked. He must have thought he needed to reinforce that message because he stopped by later to give me a paper, with all the ads, and eggnog with Vernor's! Apparently it was a family tradition of his to mix the two. It sure is a breath of fresh air to have a neighbor like him after our last experience!

We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's out at the lake. It was definitly different not seeing Mom and Dad but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
Thanks again for your gracious hospitality Grandma and Grandpa!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

Oh yum! Vernors w/ eggnog? Never heard of it but i bet it's good especially when i love both! Thanx. Glad your move went well and you are getting situated.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Fun that you got to spend it with Grandma & Grandpa.

I forgot all about Vernors until you mentioned it! It reminds me too much of having the flu as a always bought it for us then.