Nov 25, 2008

Catching up and going downstate

JoLynn: Thanks for all the advice! I'll be sure to use it, I've already looked up directions for all of the places you mentioned so I can check them out next time I run to Marquette. (We actually live west of Marquette, but I'm there nearly every day.)

We may possibly be getting a computer on Friday. I have my fingers crossed. It's a Black Friday deal however so my chances aren't that superb. Wish me luck!

I made bread yesterday. For the second time in my entire life. The first time the consistency resembled that of a rock. This took forever. But it tastes good and it's much softer. However the recipe said to bake for 30 minutes. I was thinking that sounded like a pretty short time. I was right. It took closer to an hour and when I finally said, "enough!" and took them out of the oven...they STILL weren't completely cooked through. Maybe my loaves are just too big? I am by no means an expert though, so feel free to throw ANY and all tips and advice at me!

I forgot to landlord was in our apartment replacing a door handle while the dough was rising. I was talking to him and sort of forgot about my dough. By the time I remembered, it had overflowed from the bowl, what a mess!

I also made chicken fettuccine alfredo...geez that's a long name! The recipe was from Better Homes and Gardens. However, it didn't call for garlic and we (Jeff and I) didn't realize it till the end so we just added a little bit of garlic salt. That was fine but next time I think I'll roast fresh garlic with the chicken before adding it to the sauce. Jeff said it was delicious, I thought it was alright. I made it for him, I know he loves it and I'm not really a huge fan. It was, however, very fast and easy!

I'm looking at facebook as I try to remember what I had actually wanted to post about and notices yet ANOTHER mom expecting twins. I'm telling you, it is the year of the twins!

Jeff had hockey again last night. It starts at 11 and the poor guy gets up before 5. And I slept til 10...I feel kind of guilty about that one. I was the only girl yet again. I brought a blanket and book this time so it passed pretty quickly. I feel pretty silly being the only person sitting in the stands but I guess it beats sitting home alone. Like I do every day...

Speaking of which, I think I'll bake some cookies today.

I just remember what I wanted to say! I have no idea how I could forget this. Probably because we've been going back and forth about it for a week and I can never seem to remember what we did decide. But this is it: We're going downstate this weekend! Not for Thanksgiving day though. Jeff has Thursday off but, not Friday. We will go up north to my Grandparents for Thanksgiving; did I mention that they live two hours away as well? Hi Grandma! ;) Then, we'll be leaving to go downstate when Jeff gets home from work Friday. He had originally had Monday off so we would go home then but now he's not so sure. Either way, we'll be at church on Sunday so we can see all of our friends that we haven't seen in...what's it been, two and a half weeks? Ha, we're pretending we never moved!

We visited "up north" the past two weekends so Jeff could go to the hunting camp. This past weekend was pretty short, just Friday and Saturday (Jeff has Friday off). I'm starting to think my sister Emily is a shopaholic since we went out shopping both times I was with her. Okay, I'll give her credit, it is the holiday season, there is Christmas shopping to do!

Well this is getting a little long. See what happens when you don't have access to a computer every day?


Sharyn said...

fun update. And it HAS been a twin filled news year. I don't know which one you read about, but I'm assuming you heard about the ones around the corner from your folks. I saw her at story hour this morning and she's still in a bit of disbelief.

Chelsey said...

Thought I'd "drop in" to say hi! Hope you are enjoying your new hometown. I sure miss that area.

molly said...

sweet! cant wait to see you :] even if it will be for a little bit

Amanda Kay said...

That's nice that you get to go home. What about Christmas? Did you guys figure anything out?

Kaitlin said...

Yeah, I was just asking Mom if you guys were coming for Christmas..she said she didn't know if jeff could get work off. Hopefully you guys can make it..

Annette said...

Heidi- always feel free to stop by our apt. instead of sitting at hockey! You are welcome anytime!