Nov 19, 2008

Another quick one

I have so much to say, I am SO missing the Internet.
I found the library. (It's a Carnegie! I was pretty excited about that.)
Jeff's on his way home from work so I really don't have time to say much.
I'll just type a few blurbs...
I thought the mice were gone but I SWEAR I heard one/some in that fan tower thing, whatever it is.
I'm starting to decorate, it's not even cleaned.
Jeff and I MIGHT be buying a computer tomorrow. I would ask for recommendations but then we'll probably just get a cheap one for now to use for general Internet usage.
I've been to Wal-Mart every day this week. I don't even like that store.
I need a haircut really bad (so does Jeff) but I have no idea where to go.
My address is officially changed, if you need it for any reason just email me!
I've got to go check out two items now so they know that I can be trusted once I bring them back. Then I can get as much as I want. (Have you ever heard of such a thing?)
I'll probably be back tomorrow with some more complete thoughts!

Oh and by the way: If we get a new computer I'll be able to post pictures again! Yay!!


JoLynn said...

Glad to hear that you made it up there! Sorry however to hear about the mice problem...yuck! Good luck with that. We had a slight chipmunk problem in our rental house there due to the fireplace...and let's just say it was interesting trying to catch those things! Luckily it was only a rental and the landlord (MGH) came and fixed the problem along with giving us a large rodent trap. Ew. I hate small creatures that are living in my space! :)

So, anyhow...glad you found the library...that was one of our favorite places to go. I still miss it, as it had such a nice play area for kids in the basement. We sometimes went there just to get out of the house and to play. (Warning though: a few of the librarians can be sticklers for the rules! And they do have fines if things are overdue).

As far as the haircuts go, I did a few different things when we lived there. I either went to the cosmetology school (on Northern's campus) where you could get a $5 or $6 haircut. I actually really, really liked my haircuts from there, but sometimes they just took a little bit longer (so allow extra time if you go that route). Otherwise my big treat (you get a neck rub) :) was to go to the Aveda salon right on Wash. St. there (Salon Salon)....ask for Kate...I really liked her. Or, right before we moved I discovered where Karmen Daav. worked (also on Wash. St. at Salon 517 or something like that...can't remember the exact name off-hand). She does a really good job.

So, any other questions? ;) This is sort of a book I guess, but hope it helps you a little. If you ever have any questions, give me a call (Amanda knows my #) or shoot me an email (jojop99[at] I'd be more than happy to assist you.

Oh, and yeah, you do end up spending a lot of time at Waly-world...or Target...but it's nice because everything is so close (especially handy in the summer if you live in town b/c of the close proximity to the beach!)

Oh, and also, there is a meat market there by the bowling alley (Mqt Meats)...they have really good meat there for pretty cheap. Just an FYI if you were interested. :)

Take care!