Oct 4, 2012


Ooooeeee, well, hello there! Anyone, anyone?

We have been keeping ourselves occupied lately, did I mention that I'm trying to paint our entry? Can't even remember because I have been slacking on the updating. Anyhoo, it's turning chartreuse before my very eyes and it's kind of out there, but I think it's going to be really cool. My friend, Heidi, was here and she seemed a bit surprised by how bright it was but in the end she said it would probably turn out cute. Hopefully she's right. It is taking forever and a day to finish. When I first started priming I told Jeff I wanted it to be done by Saturday (it was Tuesday). I'm funny, right? I must have momentarily forgotten about my children. And the fact that I cook. And the fact that I don't generally enjoy living in a pig sty. It is slowly making progress though, hopefully it will be done by the end of the month. Then we'll move to the trim. Ha.

I've been wanting to do an update on our big 6-month-old. I'll save that for another day week.

I felt like such a green thumb today. Jeff's mom snipped some branches from her snowball bush so we could root them for our own plant. That was in July and I finally planted them today but I don't have much confidence that they'll survive. I have A LOT to learn about gardening, I'm sure. And considering the leaves were already turning color in the vase (I've been leaving it outside so I wouldn't forget to give it some sun) we won't even know if it survived until next spring. Especially with the snow we're supposed to be getting this weekend. If it isn't gong dormant now, it will be very soon.

Yes, you read that right, the forcast is showing snow. But then, it is October in the U.P. after all. The leaves showed their brilliant colors and they are quickly falling to the ground. As we were coming out of the grocery store a few days ago, Adrian noticed the trees across the street dropping their leaves and stood for a few moments in awe. I am so with him. Fall is beautiful. And really, really short.

We have Brother Matt here for a time. Not sure how long, he's here for work. I feel like we have seen family so much this year and none of them even live near us. It's awesome! I feel kind of spoiled. Aaaand, my sisters and my mom are coming in a few weeks!! I am super fired up to be hosting. We have been emailing back and forth making plans, hopefully we have some nice weather, but it should be fun no matter what. Everyone will make it except my sister Em. I guess we won't get so lucky as to have everyone there every year but we'll sure miss her!


Sara said...

Fun! Can't wait to see your entryway! Is is more yellow then green or green then yellow?...ok am I confusing you?..haha

And it's only a couple wks! Ready or not, here we come! ;)