Jul 8, 2011


It's so hard to blog in the summer! Here are a few updates for what we've been up to:

  • Went to the camp this past weekend while Jeff's aunt and uncle were there. So, so nice to break up our usual (non) routine. Hopefully we'll venture out to do a little more visiting when we're up again next month. (Although, Jeff's family will be there at that time so that might be tough to sneak away...)
  • I found out how much fun it is to take Little A to the beach these days, it's so different from last year! Now I can actually let him play in the water without hovering over him!
  • Our little family went for a walk last night and as I was complaining about how bloated a feel (too many beans maybe...ha) Jeff found a $5 bill on the sidewalk. I suggested, "Let's get ice cream!" So my dearest treated us to a couple cones. Thanks to whoever lost their money, it went to a good cause.
  • I've been thinking about our upcoming trip to Mackinac Island. I've never been there, can you believe it?! I've only driven by it a hundred times. That will be our first trip without Adrian, I'm so excited!
  • Adrian has been heard saying things like "I want zoom cars on Mama." He loves to drive his cars on Jeff and me (and to be honest, we don't really mind) :) but he always wants me to lay on the couch first. The other day he even handed me a pillow. It's not so bad, this mom stuff.
  • Adrian and I are going swimming today. Kate is picking us up in a few minutes so I guess I should get ready to go!


Yvonne said...

i love mackinac island and that whole area! that is when i get homesick when i'm in that area for some reason. one year one of our kids went on a field trip to that area. made total sense to me - learning about your own home state. i have so many memories of taking our kids there. the ride around the island is very do-able on bike. and the history on the interior of the island is very interesting as well. and all of the old homes away from main street. i would love to live a summer on that island.

Sara said...

Fun! I went to mackinac island as a kid with Kelli. I would love to go back now - would enjoy it so much more! We rode bikes around the island and I remember it being so pretty! Have fun! What a treat to go without the little man!