Jul 15, 2011

We have been enjoying summer over here! (Much more than I did last year from what I can remember...) I can't say that we've had a ton of beach days but then I don't think we've had too many really hot days. That's exactly why I love it here! Adrian and I have had plenty of trips to the park and a few walks around town with the whole family. Yesterday morning, we went to the entrance to the bike trail in town and went 'exploring.' I wanted to get out of the house, Adrian has been so crabby lately (teething I hope, I just picked something up for that today) so I think that's part of the reason we've been keeping so busy. He is much more content seeing new places and doing new things which means I'm content as well!

We headed off on a dirt path that I have always wondered about. We didn't make it too far, that boy is S-L-O-W and it was getting too hot for pants and long sleeves. The picture above is an area to the side of the trail, I think this overgrown pavement was part of the railroad station that is located behind us. And very, very close to this is a letterbox.

I let him run around for a bit once we made it back to the trail head before making our way back home for lunch. I stopped at a garage sale on the way and ran into our friend Jill, I haven't seen her in a long time so it was nice to catch up!

I'm already planning out our weekend excursions; Adrian and I hit up some garage sales this morning (a pair of shoes for him and an exercise ball for me) but I skipped a bunch and put a note to get to them tomorrow. I ended up finished up really early and now that Jeff is working overtime tomorrow, I'm wishing I had checked them all out! (We still have one vehicle and when he works OT, he doesn't carpool.) We did some grocery shopping and then went on a little 'date' to Border Grill for lunch. Yum! (Did you know they have a gluten-free option? I was pretty impressed when I learned that!) Jeff and I have a date tonight, I hope. We're waiting to hear back from the sitter to see if it'll work out. I hope so! I really need a night out right now!
 This weekend is supposed to be hot-hot-hot...or at least that's what I heard on the radio. We might just be trying out the city bus system tomorrow to go to the beach! I've been wanting to try it out anyways and my friend Kate is out of town so we can't convince her to come with us, I mean, give us a ride. I'll let you know how it goes! ;) Hopefully Adrian loves it since he's been so into buses lately, and anything else with wheels for that matter. Happy Friday!