Oct 27, 2009

My Facebook Status

Looking for some super-cute boots, maybe just a little bit on the wild side. No chains or grommets. Not black. Probably not brown. A simple bow would be cute. And slouchy. Definitely slouchy. Preferably suede. 3" heel, mid calf. Less than $50. Is that so hard? Yes. Yes it is.

I would have bought these boots but they didn't have my size. Apparently my feet grew half a size because all my shoes are a bit small. (I guess that can happen with pregnancy...?)

ETA: These boots are from Kohls.


Amanda Kay said...

I would love some new boots, but the old ones will have to do!

Chelsey said...

Totally with you on this, Heidi!
I have been looking for a pair of cute, flat, black boots for quiet some time.. and I just can't justify buying a pair for over $50 JUST because they are cute.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Where were these ones from!?

Anonymous said...

...haha i guess the reason i NEED new ones is because i somehow lost my old ones, they were black slouchy ones...just disappeared!!