Aug 18, 2008

We Went Camping...

PLEASE NOTE: There are some missing photos, I will edit that as soon as it works.

That was over a week ago! It's been so long I almost forgot! We stayed at Bewabic State Park in Crystal Falls. I think we all agreed that it was a really nice campground. We camped with...
Keith and Katie L with their baby Bennett (not sure about the spelling):

Paul and Amanda (so sorry Amanda, this is the only picture I had!):

Corey and Heather J and their baby Kael (I just realized this is the only picture I have of them! They are the 2nd and 3rd in from the right):
Not pictured: Greg and Jen S. I never did get a picture of them.
Saturday night, we decided to look for a waterfall, apparently the only one in the area. We took our Malibu bush bombing down some old logging path to try and find it. Problem was, you still had to hike out about three quarters of a mile to find it. We looked for about an hour and couldn't find it. On our way back out to the main road, we found another path that looked a little more promising. We bush-bombed down that path which actually ended up being about ten times worse. We stopped halfway down and walked because we were afraid we'd wreck or get stuck. This one had signs pointing "falls" so we knew we were on the right path:
It was definitely a fun weekend, staying up til the wee hours of the morning, playing an great 360 game of Rook, and then a not-so-great game of Rook. Then we hopped into the car for another 8 1/2 hours to visit Jen and Sara and their families in their happening town.


Amanda Kay said...

You know, when you got it, you got it.

Where are the little tykes?? And how's the job?

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

How did you first couple of days go?