Aug 7, 2008

I'm done!

It's official, I am not longer an employee of KinderCare Learning Center. And it feels great! I am quite suprised at myself however; I did not think I would cry, I mean HELLO! I'm so glad to be done! The thing is, I've known so many of those kids for two and a half years now! And some of the teachers, although the ones that I'll miss haven't actually been there that long. I did get quite a few email addresses and telephone numbers and "stay in touch!"'s.

There's one boy in particular that is SO sad that I'm leaving. He keeps asking me if I'm coming back with the most forlorn look. His mom said he will not forget about me...he's still trying to get over the babysitter leaving over a year ago!

It's been really nice hearing from all of the parents (to the kids) in my class. I have such a great relationship with so many of them, they've been writing me the nicest things and saying the nicest things. Apparantly I was a favorite to quite a few, I really needed to hear that! It's almost to the point where I'm thinking, why didn't I quit a long time ago? I needed that confidence booster!

Well I should probably go while my head still fits out the door!

Have a fabulous weekend! We're off to go camping tomorrow and then Minnesota all of next week! Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures when I get back!


Amanda Kay said...

It's always nice to know you are appreciated from time to time!