Aug 24, 2008

Warning: Photo Overload!

ETA: I did actually post this 'for real' on Tuesday.

I took over 200 pictures on our recent trip to Minnesota. Apparently I was catching up for all the times I don't pull out the camera! Jeff and I had such a good time that week. It was especially nice for me considering I was coming off of a pretty junky job, I was able to relax and destress before starting my new job (which is going great by the way, but more about that later). It was so much fun to see all of those kids again and to see Mark and Jen's new house! This was the first time that Jeff and I have spent this much time with these neices and nephews. We usually see them with the rest of the family so we don't get a whole lot of time with them. Nikayda followed Jeff everywhere and he did a very good job of keeping all of the kids entertained: digging for worms, building a firepit, making fires, and of course, playing with chickens!

These pictures aren't really in order...

A day at the Park:

Mia (Jon and Sara's)

Lori (Jon and Sara's)

Will (Jon and Sara's) Mark told him to wear this hat he did.

Nikayda (Mark and Jen's) holding Mia

Janie (Jon and Sara's)

Paul (Jon and Sara's)




Abram (Mark and Jen's)


Will and Janie


Lori and Paul zonked out after a day at the park

Carter (Mark and Jen's)

Nikayda with Molly (I think) ETA: Not Molly! Thanks Jen!

Nikayda and Abram with the chickens






Carter and Nikayda


Nikayda and Mia

Lori, Janie, and Carter

Nikayda, Janie, Will


Lori again, check out that blond hair!

Jeff digging for worms with Carter, Nikayda, and Abram

Carter (which of his Uncles does he remind you of?)

Nikayda the whistling girl, she is good!

Nikayda and Carter all snuggled up after a bath

Abram and Carter, their favorite spot

Abram, he thinks all good food stinks apparantly!


Crazy Willie

Alfalfa, the funniest rooster I ever did see



And Carter again. He was so shy of us when we first got there but by the last day he was jumping all over me!

BTW spell check won't work so I apologize for any mistakes!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These were fun to look at Beatle. Carter is so much like Wade, and that picture (scratching his head) captures it all!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

P.S. 'Molly's' a Buff Orpington. ;) (Similar color, but no dark feathers.) That one's an Ameraucana...

Amanda Kay said...

Wow, thanks for finally posting!! The very first picture of Carter he looks like Mark - but all of the rest, definitely Wadey! How funny.

Jen, I like your green shirt.

The kids are just so darn cute. Will and his hat - oh my! We have those at work with a nice UPEA on them...maybe I should snag him one...

Can't believe how blonde Lori is - crazy.

There were a few more comments I was making along the way...don't remember them now. BUt thanks! Such cute kids!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures! These kids are all so darn cute. I sure wish we could see them more often.


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

When Sara saw him wearing that hat (he was way down our driveway), she was wondering what the heck he had on his head. Lol. Later, Mark handed it to him and told him to wear it everywhere he went. Was he in his glory!

The next day, he had it on at the park.

Sara said she didn't even know he had it on. C'mon!! How do you not notice a hat like that when you're walking out the door?! ;) Then she shrugged and said, at least she knew where one of her kids was at all times. Kinda hard to miss that one!