Dec 6, 2007

Walk with Me Down Memory Lane

Remember elementary school? Middle school? High School? Leave a memory or two, or three. (Inspired by Amanda.) Here are some of mine:
I used to throw out my sandwiches too. Shoot, did I let that slip? Oh wait Mom already knows. For some reason, instead of being like Jen I wouldn't crumple my sandwich in my brown bag and throw it away, I would take it home and throw it under the porch. Well, it was bound to happen, Mom found the stash under the porch, still in their baggies. Needless to say she never packed me a sandwich again!

In second or third grade I had the starring role in a play. I was a black girl. I have no idea what the play was actually about, I don't think I ever did. I was however, very disappointed when we never performed in front of the school.

My second grade teacher Mrs. Hendersen was like Ms. Frizzle minus the magic school bus. She was the coolest teacher! She had a giant globe as tall as I was! With ridges and bumps and everything! She wore crazy clothes, shoes, and earrings to match our theme! She taught us how to say "May I please use the bathroom?" in French. I still remember! It sound like this: pwease ah lay ah twalet? She even had a Christmas party and we all got to go to here house! Actually I went the year after, she invited me and Brett who was in her class at the time. I remember that she had two Christmas trees, we decorated cookies, and there were watermelons all over her house!

Now it's your turn! Let's hear your stories!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I had a little boy in my kindergarten class named Rolly - he moved away during the school year. I've always wondered what became of him.

My best friend in kindergarten was Becky. She moved too. Wonder where she is? Because I still remember both, it must've been a big deal to a kindergartener when their friends moved away.

I still wish I could reconnect with my good friend (throughout high school) Kim Boyda. :)

Someone stole my Smurf lunchbox in first grade. I never got over that. {Hey, it was my favorite lunchbox ever!}

Mrs. White, my first grade teacher, took my Chapstick during class and kept it in her drawer until school let out that day. I don't remember why, but it was mom's Chapstick and I was so worried I wouldn't get it back. I must've taken it from her purse! Lol!

Brett said...

yeah, i remember that crazy ladies house...there were watermelons in every room or something that had to do with watermelons