Dec 14, 2007

I [heart] IKEA

I finally made it to IKEA today, I've been meaning to get out that way. I had the day off because we were pretty low today. Kayla and Cindy came with-Kayla also had the day off. It was quite successful, I bought (hopefully) all of my table decorations. I went back to the three different kinds of vases. They are all quite small so I may group them...I may not. Not really sure of anything yet, I'm trying to stay flexible. There was a set of three that I bought, they're not actually vases, not sure what they were for, but they remind me of Jen. I also bought a rug for the bathroom and one of those homemade looking rugs for in front of the sink--it was only $1.99! And washable! Tons of different colors, Cindy bought one too after we each dug around the pile for a while. *Sigh* I love that place. I love love love these chairs. They are small enough to make me feel like an adult. I also love that they are slipcovered. I know many people who don't like that look but I like the fact that they are washable and you can change the color easily.

And just for fun:
What do you like, or dislike, about IKEA?

Good night!


Amanda Kay said...

Good for you! I'm jealous! It would be so nice to go to a store like that and get all of the decorations needed.

Sharyn said...

I love my 1.99 rug

did you get to the scrapbook zone???

Emily said...

I love those chairs! They would be perfect for my house. I've never been to an ikea and I'm hoping to go and shop {buy} in the summer.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

What's NOT to love about IKEA?! I love their fabulous prints. I bought a bunch of rose prints that I need to frame for Nikayda's room. They also have some really cool light fixtures. They have so much cool stuff though. I just love going there.