Mar 26, 2010

We made it!

I never did finish that 'something' that I plan to give away to one of you, I just got too busy with everything before we flew away. And now we're in Texas so I can't exactly be working on it now! (Do they even allow sewing needles on airplanes??) I'm close to finishing, I should be able to get it done before we go home. We'll be downstate (or up north?) for a day or two before heading back home once we return from Texas.

Speaking of Texas, it took us 10 hours to get from my Mom and Dad's house to Jeff's Aunt and Uncle's house in Houston. The flight was 3 hours direct from Detroit to Houston! We had a few trials along the way! We were planning on flying American since that is the company Jeff works for and therefore the company that we get the great deal through but all flights for Thursday were overbooked. I didn't want to go to the airport, sit all day, and come back home. (We fly standby.) What a waste of time. So, I was sitting around Thursday morning with the mindset that we wouldn't be leaving until the following day. Then, around 10 o'clock, Jeff turns to me (hair undone and still in jeans), "are you ready to go?" He found a flight through Delta that was leaving at noon. He gets deals with that airline because they also operate in the same airport where he works. All I could think, and vocalize, was 'we are supposed to be at the airport 2 hours before our flight leaves and we are leaving the house 2 hours before it leaves!' We must be crazy. I didn't think we would make it. And we didn't. We tried, we really did. Running across the airport with all our carry-on luggage, diaper bag, purse, stroller, and car seat. We missed the flight be mere minutes. We checked in 15 minutes before it pulled out. If you are familiar with the airport in Detroit you'll know about the underground walkways to get to the other side of the terminals. Our flight was on the other side.
Jeff spoke with one of the ladies at the counter and figured out that there was another flight leaving around 3:15, direct to Houston. We were able to get on that one, and first class no less! Although, the thought of flying first class with Adrian, who had never flown before, was a little nerve wracking. He did great. He didn't sleep very well, he's not used to sleeping in my arms so it took him half the flight to get to sleep but he was pretty happy despite his exhaustion. The flight attendant was talking to him and picked him up and one point and starting walking down the aisle with him. As Jeff said "well, we're on a plane, there's really nowhere that she can go!" Needless to say, I was very relieved that he wasn't bothered by the flight!
We finally landed in Houston and called Jeff's uncle to let him know we had landed. He was stuck in traffic so it would be a few minutes before he arrived. It was a beautiful day so standing outside to wait wasn't cause for complaint. Stan picked us up, and as we were driving down the roadway that led out of the airport, his suburban broke down. We waited for a tow and got a ride to the rental car place in the airport to rent another vehicle. By the time that was all figured out, the rest of Jeff's family had landed so we went back to pick them up. We finally made it to his aunt and uncle's house sometime after 8. What a day! But, we made it and today the sun is shining. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

OH-MY what a day, good thing Adrian is such a doll! Not just any baby could go through that! Hope your having a great time! -Tammy L

Yvonne said...

wow! i betcha the trip home will be dull in comparison. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.