Mar 4, 2010

Just a list to let you know

  • Yesterday was so nice. I forget sometimes that there is life without the Internet.
  • I got a lot more accomplished than I normally do in a day and it still didn't seem like enough.
  • I'm working on putting designs on plain t-shirts, I can't wait to show you some finished projects!
  • My blogiversary is coming fast and I would love to do a giveaway I just haven't come up with anything yet! It might be late, but I'll do something, I promise! (And I mean it this time)
  • I am so happy being a stay-at-home mom/housewife. I think my single friends get a chuckle out of how domesticated I can be sometimes but this is really what a was put on this earth to do! I love it!
  • We're have Zuppa Toscana for supper tonight (I always say supper, not dinner, do you? Dinner sounds so fancy to me.), Jennifer's recipe from the Magnolia Lane cookbook.
  • I got a haircut. I'll have to show you pictures one of these days!
  • Adrian is crawling like crazy, I found him behind the lazy boy for the first time, for some reason it struck me as funny. (I keep trying to get a video of him to post but every time I go to view it on my camera I delete it.)
  • He waved today. I was showing him buh-bye and he squeezed his little hand opened and closed.
  • Jeff bought a truck (I can't remember if I mentioned that) so we finally have two vehicles! It's been so nice already, I haven't been running every day but it's awesome to get out when I need to!


Amanda Kay said...

I bought 3 plain shirts from target that I am going to deck out - so far I have already worn two and the third is probably ready for tomorrow. I have spent a lot of time searching as to what to put on them......gotta think of something good!

And I don't think your single friends are the only ones who are in awe of your cooking skills. I always tell everyone, "I gotta keep up with Heidi" when I'm making bread....or more like cookies.