Dec 10, 2008

Random Me

I was tagged by Barbara to list six random facts about myself.
Here goes:

1. Growing up, I had wished to be good friends with a guy, date him, possibly in high school, and get married shortly thereafter. My dream came true.

2. I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) so the left side of my belly sticks out further than the right when I inhale.

3. The thought of having a favorite color scares me because, I feel that if I have one favorite I will only have that color the rest of my life. I love all kinds of colors!

4. I am working on my "Total Money Makeover." I just read Dave Ramsey's book and would like to get us out of debt. The usual, car payment and student loans. I am also interested in other books about getting out of debt if anyone has one to recommend!

5. I never would have pictured myself living in Marquette. And I definitely would not have thought I'd feel comfortable so quickly here!

6. I weigh half as much as my husband.

I will now tag:

1. Emily
2. Amanda
3. Mom
4. My other Mom Paula (post in the comments, I know you read this!)
5. Kaitlin
6. Gretchen

Remember, this is not required. I will not flunk you if you do not complete the assignment.


Anonymous said...

i love the change heidi

Laura Jean said...

I love your number three! Funny thing is, my favorite color is blue, but I seriously dislike blue m&m's. Hm.

Katie said...

I used Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt. It's a good one!

Anonymous said...

I knew you would love living in Marquette. I'm glad everything is going fine with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi and Jeff
Its your other mother
So glad all is going well you are still both missed
Grandma Lassila showed me how to send comments so here are a few
1) love the wallpaper its cute
2) cant wait to see your new place
3) We enjoy reading your blog
4) hows the mouse hunt?

Love mom

Hi Jeff and Heidi
this is Katie i miss you guys a lot ! how is MY tree working out for you both? cant wait to see you!

Love Katie