Dec 10, 2008

Green Tea

I suddenly became a tea-drinker. I used to drink coffee pretty moderately but looking back at the past month, I've realized that I only had about two cups of coffee and about 273 cups of tea. Green that is. I think I like it for the convenience. Convenience you ask? How is boiling water and letting a tea bag sit for a few minutes for each cup convenience? Well let me tell you. When I drink coffee, I brew about half a pot at a time. But...I would drink it so slowly that by the time I went back for more, the warmer had turned off and I don't have an insulated carafe. And who wants to drink coffee that old anyhow? Okay I'll admit, I didn't know the difference. Still, tea work for me, I just keep a kettle of water on the stove all day and heat it up when I need it! Besides that, it's so much better for you than coffee! Here are a few benefits that I've heard along the way:

When consumed over a period of time green tea may:

Aid in weight loss
Prevent cancer
Fight bad breath

Now, shoo, go buy some tea!


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi! I dont drink coffee at all, never have. This is where I buy my green tea, it is loose so you need a some type of filter. BUT the best tea ever!
my favorite is in the flavored Tea section~green tea~ lemon drop~ yum!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi, I drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning & then in the evening I make myself a pot of green tea. I find it relaxing to drink. I also buy the loose leaf tea that Barbara uses. I'm glad that you finally were able to get back on your blog. Everyday I was looking for new blog information on how things were going.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I LOVE tea! Me, the coffee addict. I haven't had coffee for several weeks and the weight has been sliiiipping off. So, the stuff I heard about how switching from coffee to green tea helps you to loose weight is true. You only need to drink a cup or two a day to reap the benefits.

Add: raises your metabolism and helps to decrease visceral (belly) fat to your list. I'm ten pounds and counting. And I haven't lost (or gained) anything in three years. Until now.

Although, now I want to find some more 'natural' tea. I'm off to check out the stuff Barbara and Ginger mentioned...