May 9, 2008

New Neighbor

I have a new neighbor! Wade just moved in to the building across from us. I went over to check it out today, lucky kid, he has a dishwasher!! Speaking of which, my dishwater is probably ice by now.
Scrap Tales is closing! Their projected close date is somewhere around June 15th. I can't remember exactly what day they said. Everything is on sale right now so I just HAD to go buy some stuff for my stash. Actually, I was looking for stuff for my wedding album. Hopefully I have everything I need! I stocked up on letter stickers, rub-on's etc. You can NEVER have enough! That's the truth too. I'm always searching my scrap desk for more letters thinking that maybe if I keep packages in there long enough they'll start breeding and create cool new letters. Unfortunately that doesn't usually happen.
I'm heading out to go garage-saling for real tomorrow. I went once on my lunch break a couple weeks ago but I only stopped at one and I didn't get anything. Jeff MIGHT come with me. He's debating whether or not to go make up time at school. Wish me luck! Enjoy your weekend! (And next two weeks at the rate I post!)


Emily said...

Did you ever get a chance to see Amanda's album? It's fun to make your own covers because then you can make it what ever size you want. I had been wanting to try one of those funky albums with various size pages and stuff so that album was the perfect opportunity to try.

I'm sad scrap tales is closing but I guess now I'll just have to make it a point to get to the one a little further when I come.

Hope you had good luck garage saling!

Emily said...

I should add... the reason I chose the size I did for Amanda's album was so I could get two pages out of one piece of cardstock. The size of hers was 6x9.

Anonymous said...

So do something about that, and start posting more often Heidi! lol