Nov 1, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

Adrian was a little timid trick-or-treating. It's funny how he was all pumped up at home and then when he actually had to say the words to a stranger they came out just above a whisper. I was wondering how the night would go when, at the first house, there was a cackling shrunken head on the door handle. He got a little scared but he did just fine after that with any laughing and cackling decorations.

He rode around in the stroller but quite honestly, he probably could have ran around the entire time if I had put tennis shoes on him. I wonder if that would have prevented 7 people from calling him a her. Or maybe it was just the polka dot blanket...ha!

As soon as he started getting the tiniest bit cranky, we headed home. He still got way too much candy but I suppose he couldn't eat half of it anyways since we had to take away anything with wheat (btw, licorice is made with wheat, did you know?) and all the jawbreaker-type candy. Jeff was disappointed that Reese's are wheat-free. I did tell him that Adrian wouldn't have a clue if he swiped them all.


Gretchen said...

haha so cute! Just look at him all charged as dad's dumping all his candy out :)

Anonymous said...

why remove all the thungs with wheat?

Heidi Sue said...

Adrian is intolerant to wheat.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So cute. He sure looks pumped on all that candy!

~ J

Sara said...

Now if that isn't just the cutest little pumpkin!! Looks like he had fun! Love the little bag you made too!