Aug 23, 2009

His eyes are open!

I realized that Adrian is sleeping in all the pictures I've posted so far. I just wanted to reassure you that he has since "opened his eyes." (Family story there.)

During his one week check-up the Doctor said we had a strong boy. I believe it. When you lay him on his back, he tends to stick his feet up or out and then proceeds to hold them there. He's going to have a six-pack before he's a month old!

I am quickly realizing that all the pictures we have are on the couch. I've been wanting to get out and walk but the weather has been pretty cool and cloudy. It's sunny today so hopefully we can squeeze in a walk and try out our stroller before Jeff goes to work!


Amanda Kay said...

Adorable little guy there!!

Sara said...

He's so darn cute!! (And his coloring does look much better - nice to be over that)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

He's so cute! I've been wanting to see some with his eyes open.

~ Jennifer